Monday, August 30, 2010

Lazy Parenting or Safe Parenting?

Yesterday I attended the annual Taylor Family Reunion with Jeremy and the boys. It was a great day. At one point it was time to fill our plates. We had brought Asa's play yard and set it up in the shade. He did wonderful in it! Noah was another story. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting him, I'll just tell you a little about him; he is a sweet,  curious, and out going little guy. However, on occasion he can throw quite the tantrum. Now, yesterday he did not throw a tantrum. The problem was that he is just so active! He wanted to run around and play, typical two year old. While Jeremy got in the food line to fill a plate for Noah and himself, I waited with the boys. Most of my time was spent chasing after Noah trying to get him to sit in his lawn chair. When I was finally able to get him into his chair, he spilled my mega mug of water all over him! Meanwhile, my cousin Ashley had brought her dog to the family reunion. She tied his leash to a nearby post so that she could enjoy her food without worrying about her dog running away. Hmmmm.... No, I didn't want to tie Noah up to a post but would it be bad if I attached a leash to him so that I could keep him near me?

I know we've all seen it or done it; the mom walking her toddler on a leash. I remember the first time I saw it. I was a teenager working in a restaurant. It was just before close. Here comes the most exhausted looking woman in the world with a screaming little toddler on a leash. The child threw himself on the floor kicking and screaming. "What a horrible parent." "I  would never let my child behave like that." "How can someone treat their child like a dog!" At that time I was naive and quick to pass judgment. Now I know better. Maybe someone missed their nap. It was pretty late. I have no idea what that family was going through at that time. I'm sure someone has thought what a horrible child or mother when they noticed Noah having a meltdown at the Wal-mart checkout.

Toddlers are fast. I've seen it many times where I've blinked for a second and Noah has managed to decorate the entire living room with a bottle of sunscreen. Anytime we walk through a parking lot I get a little nervous.  Noah is good about holding my hand but he really likes to be independent. More than once he has pulled his hand out of mine and took off running. The chase is on. Here I am with a half-ton car seat in one hand with a diaper bag, purse, and who knows what else in the other hand.   We are just inches away from other cars. Noah knows he is not suppose to go into the street but he has no idea how dangerous streets and cars really are. How much safer would it be if I had a child leash?. I'm thinking that it is not so much about lazy parenting as it is about safety. I guess I should be more concerned about the safety of my child than what other people think of my parenting.

What are your thoughts on child leashes? (Not that I would base my decision on anyone's opinion)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Noah, Where is bubby's diaper?

I had just sat down for the twentieth attempt today to work on an online class. No sooner than I pulled up my internet browser, Noah came into the kitchen screaming "Momma!" I took a deep breath and in the softest voice possible said "what?"

Noah: Duke, duke, duke!
Me: You want a drink of water?
Noah: Yeah.

Noah ran off while I went into the kitchen to get his water. "Noah, come get your water." I could hear his tiny foot steps as he sprinted back into the kitchen. He snatched the water out of my hand and muttered, "Thank you." (That's right, I taught the little stinker some manners.) As I walked back into the living room, I was greeted by a smiling little baby with no diaper just laying on the floor."Noah, where's Bubby's diaper!?!"  I guess Noah felt that it was time for a diaper change. Fortunately, it was not a messy diaper! Noah was prepared though. He had a clean diaper, wipes and diaper rash cream all sitting next to Bubby.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here it goes again

ESHS Class of 2005
Yesterday I began my sixth year of college. Actually it's like my fourth. Maybe. Who's keeping track anyways? I've decided that I would prefer to be addressed as Dr. Tracy Jobson for now on. So I'm kidding but it sure would be nice to feel like I've accomplished something. I always thought I'd go straight to college after high school, attend class for four years, graduate with a bachelors,  then I would either start a career or go to Med School. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Never thought I'd meet my future husband on my first day of college. If you noticed, I did not once mentioned "wife" or "mom" in my plan. But here I am, a wife and mother of two boys.

I do have a career I guess ....Stay-at-Home-Mom. Terrible benefits. No vacation, sick days, or insurance. No 401 K, retirement savings, or social security. I never get a pay raise. Not even a lunch break! I wouldn't say that I'm not happy with where I am today. I'm just still "adjusting" to my circumstances. If you are or have been a stay at home mom, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to Reality

Jeremy and I had such a wonderful weekend. Thursday morning we left for Minnesota. Jeremy's mom flew up and stayed with the boys for us. This was the first time we've gone on a trip without the boys! I'll admit I missed them a little but it was GREAT to have a break.

Thursday night was Jon and Em's rehearsal. Amazing dinner! I'm pretty sure I gained 5lbs over the weekend. Jon gave all the guys in the wedding party a hat for their favorite NFL team. What an awesome gift idea. Of course Jeremy's hat was The Cowboys. After dinner I went back to our hotel and Jerm went out with the guys for a little bit. I brought a movie but our hotel room didn't have a DVD player. That really bummed me out. I was pretty bored for a while there. When I woke up the next morning, I was so sure that I heard Asa crying.

The wedding Friday was beautiful. It was by far one of the best ceremonies I have ever been to. It reminded me what a marriage is really about. Since Jeremy was in the wedding party, I had to sit alone at the reception. Actually, I can't say that I was alone. I had to sit with a bunch of strangers! The only people I knew were in the wedding party. It was so awkward at first. I thought I was gonna cry! Thank God the people I sat with were super friendly. It turns out that they worked with Jon at Praying Pelican Missions (PPM). Great party. Jeremy and I danced. We visited with friends from college and again the food was delicious! I am just so happy for Jon and Emily. I know that God brought them together and that He has an awesome plan for them.

Saturday we got to see some more wonderful friends. My friend Kendra from college lives just North of Minnesota. Jerm and I met up with Kendra and Ryan for lunch. It was the first time I got to meet her little girl, Nadine. She is ten months old. What a cutie. I miss them all already.

We finished up our weekend with a little sight seeing and a dip in the hotel pool. Before we knew it, we were on our way back to Kansas City. I'm happy to be back home. It was nice to hold my boys again. I'm a little sad though that the weekend went by so fast.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adios Amigos!

Today I got started on packing for Jeremy and I's up coming trip. I got into our jam-packed closet and dug out the old suit case. I plopped it up on the bed and left the room to gather up a few items. Guess what I found in the suitcase when I returned? Mr. Noah! Maybe this is his way of saying that he wants to come with us. I just had to grab my camera and snap a photo of the lil stinker.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girl Time

Last night I watched the movie Enchanted. I loved it. I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite movie. Anyways, while I watched the movie I painted my nails. I did both my fingers and my toes. I haven't painted my finger nails since Jeremy and I got married, over 4 years ago! Yea I'm gonna need some more practice but at least I had fun. I also kinda got finger nail polish all over me. I decided to something a little wild and went for zebra stripes. Besides a black and silver nail pens, I only own pink nail polish. They didn't turn out as good as I hoped so I'll probably redo them sometime this week if the boys let me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Little Smartie Pants

I really underestimate my little Noah. He is so much smarter than I give him credit for.  He will be two years old next month. I work with him on learning new things everyday. For a while now we have been practicing on pointing to our noses, mouths, eyes and ears. Last night though, I decided to ask him a few more questions. I asked Noah, "Where are your feet?" He pointed to them and started stomping! Yay! Next, I said, "Do you have hair?" He nodded his head and rubbed his hands threw his hair! I also asked, "Where's your belly?" He lifted up his shirt and patted his tummy! This went on for a while. I also asked him about his toes, hands, teeth and lips. He even counted to three for me. Actually he probably learned that because when he is in trouble I count to three! I know, I know. He hasn't came up with the cure for cancer but hey, maybe someday!?! As for now I'm just as proud as a parent can be!
Future President Right Here!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Asa is sleeping and Noah is in his room. Timeout! Noah dumped formula all over the kitchen and living room floors. Really, I'm the one in time out. Noah is playing with toys right now. I'm just so frustrated with him at the moment that we need a little separation. It looks like I may have some alone time. Probably won't last long. Sooooo, what to do now? Should I blog some more or clean up this new mess from the formula? You know what.... I think I will take this time to go shave my legs! Good night, y'all!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pool Time

It has been in the 90's all week. Now that's hot, even for me! Besides staying inside with the AC cranked up, we've made it out to the pool a couple of times. One of the many great things about our new place. Our last apartment had way too many people and the pool was never opened while we were there! Anyways I had to get a swimsuit before we could go. The last swimsuit I bought was before I was pregnant with Noah and it simply would no longer work.

We had a great time at the pool. Noah was really nervous and scared. He cried when we got him in the water. We put him in his Scooby Doo life jacket and he would barely move his head. He eventually warmed up to the water. He really liked it when Jeremy threw him up in the air and caught him. Hopefully we can go back out soon! I could really use the sun. I can't remember ever being so white!

Jeremy was so excited to get in the pool that he forgot to empty his pockets! Opps. About fifteen minutes into our swim, he pulled his wallet and his cell phone out of his pocket. His wallet dried out but his phone doesn't work anymore. Luckily, he got a used AT&T cell phone from one of his coworkers.

Oh and on a side note... I ordered a new charger for our camera. I'll finally be able to take pictures again. Yay

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ok So were here! All moved in to our new place. Totally not unpacked though. This week has been soooooo busy but every week is, right? We really like the place so far. We needed the extra bedroom for Asa. I especially like the layout too! It is so much more open than our last place. Today we even got to go enjoy the pool!

Moving is such a pain though. I'm still sore and bruised. Saturday was a long day too. Thank goodness Heather and Kyle were there to help. One of Jeremy's work friends showed up too and the boys stayed with our pastor and his wife. I  don't know what we would have done without everyone's help. Mom and Dad came out Thursday night to help us get started and we finished moving everything on Saturday.

I feel like things have been go, go, go since having Asa in May. We really need to slow down but there is just sooo much to do. I'm looking forward to our friends Jon and Emily's wedding later this month. I'm sure that will be a busy weekend as well but hopefully we will have a chance to relax and enjoy our time away.
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