Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Look Back at 2012

There is so much to be said about the year 2012. I will keep this brief though. I went into 2012 with hopes of it being the best year of my life. I had so many great things planned. Unfortunately, 2012 had other plans. In 2013, I resolve to be happy no matter what the year brings.

In January we made a trip up to Minnesota to visit some good friends. It was a great start to the new year. The boys loved the snow and we had such a great time we decided to make it an annual trip!

In February we said goodbye to Grandpa Taylor, one of the strongest men I know.

In March we made another trip to Texas to see Jeremy's family. During our trip we made another visit to a zoo!

In April we were able to be a part of Mike and Colette's BIG day! Jeremy officiated his first wedding. 

In May I started a new job. I'm just getting my foot in the door of the financial industry. We'll see where that takes me! It's not exactly what I expected to be doing but it is working well for the time being.

In June we moved, again! We had been in our last apartment for two years and we needed just a little more space. We found a great duplex to meet our needs at this time. Hopefully our next move will be into a home that we own.

In July we went on our first cruise with Jeremy's family. Trip of a lifetime! I loved every minute of it. As a matter of fact, I can't wait to go on another one and then another one!

In August Noah started preschool. I still can't believe it. He loves school so much and adores his teachers!

In September we had a family photo shoot by my cousin CJ. Best family pictures we've had in a while!

In October my dear brother David passed away. Even though David has always had health issues, it came as a shock. I miss him so much everyday. I created a memorial page for him here.

In November some family members ran/walked a 5k in David's honor. It was the perfect way to honor David. It combined his love for turkeys and the outdoors AND it helped to support the special olympics! On another note, Grandma Probst fell and injured her hip on Thanksgiving day. She is still in the hospital recovering from various health issues.

In December, we tried our best to have a cheerful holiday season. It has been difficult with ups and downs. We really focused on trying to make the holidays special for the boys.

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