Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Toddler Bling

Noah has discovered what a wonderful place Chuck E. Cheese is for children. Jeremy and I have discovered what a nightmare it is for parents. Even still, we like to treat the boys and take them there on occasion. After a few visits we have accumulated enough tickets for Noah to pick out a prize.

The glass display case was right at eye level for Noah to pick the perfect prize. I cringed when I saw its contents though. The majority of the items were a choking hazard for Asa. What would Noah choose? Heaven forbid he wanted the creepy crawly fake bugs. Yuck. Surely he wouldn't pick the neon whistle, I hoped. I had my sights set on the Chinese finger trap. I was already envisioning Noah with a finger stuck in each end, crying for me to help him. That's when I realized Noah had already picked his prize. As the young lady retrieved it from the case and handed it over to Noah, he let out a squeal.

Much to my surprise Noah had a picked a $ sign ring. I'll never understand why. It absolutely was the highlight of the trip though. I even snapped a couple of pictures so I could tease him about it later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ice Cream, I scream!

Kids are a joy to have, sometimes. Yesterday we had one of those moments that reminded us of the happiness only a child can bring.

Jeremy had just walked out of the kitchen with a bowl. I caught a glimpse of him pulling a spoon out of his mouth and asked, "Are you eating ice cream?" He shook his head replied, "potato salad." At this time Noah realized Jeremy was eating and shouted, "ice cream!" He rushed to Jeremy and said, "I wanna bite. Ice Cream!"

Jeremy shrugged and held a spoonful of the potato salad out for Noah. Without even looking Noah engulfed the spoonful. I wish I had a video of his reaction because words don't do it justice. A look of pure horror came over Noah's face. His jaw dropped open. He was unable to swallow the potato salad. Jeremy and I laughed hysterically at his reaction for a moment. Then Jeremy asked Noah if he wanted some more ice cream. Noah was quick to respond with, "No! Yucky. No more."

I feel bad that we may have ruined ice cream for Noah but it was kind of worth it for that reaction.
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