Thursday, August 26, 2010

Noah, Where is bubby's diaper?

I had just sat down for the twentieth attempt today to work on an online class. No sooner than I pulled up my internet browser, Noah came into the kitchen screaming "Momma!" I took a deep breath and in the softest voice possible said "what?"

Noah: Duke, duke, duke!
Me: You want a drink of water?
Noah: Yeah.

Noah ran off while I went into the kitchen to get his water. "Noah, come get your water." I could hear his tiny foot steps as he sprinted back into the kitchen. He snatched the water out of my hand and muttered, "Thank you." (That's right, I taught the little stinker some manners.) As I walked back into the living room, I was greeted by a smiling little baby with no diaper just laying on the floor."Noah, where's Bubby's diaper!?!"  I guess Noah felt that it was time for a diaper change. Fortunately, it was not a messy diaper! Noah was prepared though. He had a clean diaper, wipes and diaper rash cream all sitting next to Bubby.

1 comment:

  1. What a good little helper!! lol Now we just need to work on the actual diapering part, and you're all set! :)


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