Thursday, September 2, 2010

Helping Hands

Noah has become such a wonderful big brother. He is mommy's little helper too!  I've taught him how to help with the laundry, dishes, and he even likes to sweep the kitchen floor. I'm not expecting this to last long though.

When it comes to caring for Asa, Noah is always willing to lend a hand. Diaper changings, feedings, baths, you name it, Noah is there! A few weeks ago I gathered up the baby wash, shampoo, wash cloths and rubber ducky. I filled our newborn tub about half way with warm water. Bath time is one of Noah's favorite activities. I didn't want Noah to be jealous of Asa's bath so I decided to include him. I even gave Noah his own wash cloth so that he could help wash Bubby. What a great idea! Everything was going smooth. Noah was happy that he was included and Asa really enjoyed the attention as well as the relaxing warm water.

I was shampooing Asa's hair, when he suddenly startled. His arms sprung up, his eyes opened wide and he let out a cry.  Noah had just poured water from his wash cloth all down Asa's front side. OH NO! Was the water too hot?!? What have I done? I quickly snatched the wash cloth away from Noah only to find that it was cold water that had startled Asa. Cold water? Asa's bath water was warm. Where did Noah get cold water? Then it hit me. I was too wrapped up in bathing Asa to notice that Noah was getting water out of the toilet! Yes, Noah dipped his wash cloth in the toilet and used it to wash Asa. Toilet water. Since then, I have decide that it would be best to just put on a movie for Noah and give Asa his bath alone. What can I say? You live, you learn.


  1. HAHAHAHA... that's a good one. Poor Asa will get him back one of these days!

  2. LOL My son Daniel, loves the toilet. We have to lock the doors are he plays in the water! LOL


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