Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ok So were here! All moved in to our new place. Totally not unpacked though. This week has been soooooo busy but every week is, right? We really like the place so far. We needed the extra bedroom for Asa. I especially like the layout too! It is so much more open than our last place. Today we even got to go enjoy the pool!

Moving is such a pain though. I'm still sore and bruised. Saturday was a long day too. Thank goodness Heather and Kyle were there to help. One of Jeremy's work friends showed up too and the boys stayed with our pastor and his wife. I  don't know what we would have done without everyone's help. Mom and Dad came out Thursday night to help us get started and we finished moving everything on Saturday.

I feel like things have been go, go, go since having Asa in May. We really need to slow down but there is just sooo much to do. I'm looking forward to our friends Jon and Emily's wedding later this month. I'm sure that will be a busy weekend as well but hopefully we will have a chance to relax and enjoy our time away.

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