Monday, September 27, 2010



The following is a letter that I have written to the makers of play-doh. Don't worry. I'm not really sending it. I'm just being silly and venting.


Dear Hasbro,

  You've got some HUGE fans in the Jobson household! We just can't get enough of  Play-doh. We love your product. We play with it everyday. I am amazed at the fact that Play-doh now comes in 50 colors! I recently discovered the colors silver and gold. Also,  I can't tell you how much I love, how easy it is to clean up (even when it gets into your ears and hair.)

However, I do have one concern. Why do you make it taste so good? I cannot keep my two year old from sneaking a few bites each time we play with it. If he is not eating it, he is licking it! Thank goodness it is non-toxic. But really, why do you make it taste so good? When my son asks for Play-doh he says, "Mmmmm, Play-doh?" On top of that, you create molds and products to make Play-doh look like even more delicious foods: cake, ice cream, pizza, etc.

Might I make a suggestion? Maybe you could change the flavor of Play-doh to make it less appealing. I bet veggie flavored Play-doh would work well. Spinach flavor would likely keep most children from eating it. If not, then at least it would encourage kids to eat their veggies at dinner time. How about dirt flavor or soap? In the meantime, I will do my best to limit my child's intake of the "molding compound." 

Concerned Mom


  1. EWE! It's salty.... if I remember right? LOL!
    C'mon - we have all tasted it. <3 You should send the letter!

  2. LOL I was laughing the whole time. I can't read to go down and read the rest of your stuff. My son will be 2 in November and EVERYTHING still makes it way to his mouth. I am following you now.

  3. I can still remember what play-doh tastes like. Who am I kidding? I ate some red for dinner last night.
    P.S. Send the letter!

  4. When I was growing up Play doh was the coolest thing on the earth. I think we all probably tasted it because of the pretty colors and how soft it was wow..take me back to my child-hood years.

  5. Haha I'm sure at one point in my life or another i have licked or eaten Play-Doh. From what I remember it was pretty salty. I love that Play-Doh has their slogan as "Fun to play with not to eat."


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