Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to Reality

Jeremy and I had such a wonderful weekend. Thursday morning we left for Minnesota. Jeremy's mom flew up and stayed with the boys for us. This was the first time we've gone on a trip without the boys! I'll admit I missed them a little but it was GREAT to have a break.

Thursday night was Jon and Em's rehearsal. Amazing dinner! I'm pretty sure I gained 5lbs over the weekend. Jon gave all the guys in the wedding party a hat for their favorite NFL team. What an awesome gift idea. Of course Jeremy's hat was The Cowboys. After dinner I went back to our hotel and Jerm went out with the guys for a little bit. I brought a movie but our hotel room didn't have a DVD player. That really bummed me out. I was pretty bored for a while there. When I woke up the next morning, I was so sure that I heard Asa crying.

The wedding Friday was beautiful. It was by far one of the best ceremonies I have ever been to. It reminded me what a marriage is really about. Since Jeremy was in the wedding party, I had to sit alone at the reception. Actually, I can't say that I was alone. I had to sit with a bunch of strangers! The only people I knew were in the wedding party. It was so awkward at first. I thought I was gonna cry! Thank God the people I sat with were super friendly. It turns out that they worked with Jon at Praying Pelican Missions (PPM). Great party. Jeremy and I danced. We visited with friends from college and again the food was delicious! I am just so happy for Jon and Emily. I know that God brought them together and that He has an awesome plan for them.

Saturday we got to see some more wonderful friends. My friend Kendra from college lives just North of Minnesota. Jerm and I met up with Kendra and Ryan for lunch. It was the first time I got to meet her little girl, Nadine. She is ten months old. What a cutie. I miss them all already.

We finished up our weekend with a little sight seeing and a dip in the hotel pool. Before we knew it, we were on our way back to Kansas City. I'm happy to be back home. It was nice to hold my boys again. I'm a little sad though that the weekend went by so fast.

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