Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Look Back at 2012

There is so much to be said about the year 2012. I will keep this brief though. I went into 2012 with hopes of it being the best year of my life. I had so many great things planned. Unfortunately, 2012 had other plans. In 2013, I resolve to be happy no matter what the year brings.

In January we made a trip up to Minnesota to visit some good friends. It was a great start to the new year. The boys loved the snow and we had such a great time we decided to make it an annual trip!

In February we said goodbye to Grandpa Taylor, one of the strongest men I know.

In March we made another trip to Texas to see Jeremy's family. During our trip we made another visit to a zoo!

In April we were able to be a part of Mike and Colette's BIG day! Jeremy officiated his first wedding. 

In May I started a new job. I'm just getting my foot in the door of the financial industry. We'll see where that takes me! It's not exactly what I expected to be doing but it is working well for the time being.

In June we moved, again! We had been in our last apartment for two years and we needed just a little more space. We found a great duplex to meet our needs at this time. Hopefully our next move will be into a home that we own.

In July we went on our first cruise with Jeremy's family. Trip of a lifetime! I loved every minute of it. As a matter of fact, I can't wait to go on another one and then another one!

In August Noah started preschool. I still can't believe it. He loves school so much and adores his teachers!

In September we had a family photo shoot by my cousin CJ. Best family pictures we've had in a while!

In October my dear brother David passed away. Even though David has always had health issues, it came as a shock. I miss him so much everyday. I created a memorial page for him here.

In November some family members ran/walked a 5k in David's honor. It was the perfect way to honor David. It combined his love for turkeys and the outdoors AND it helped to support the special olympics! On another note, Grandma Probst fell and injured her hip on Thanksgiving day. She is still in the hospital recovering from various health issues.

In December, we tried our best to have a cheerful holiday season. It has been difficult with ups and downs. We really focused on trying to make the holidays special for the boys.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

It seems that most of my silly stories are about Noah. Don't be fooled though, Asa has had his fair share of silly moments too! Just the other day I was cleaning with Asa when he found a penny. He began to inspect his new treasure. I watched his face light up as he turned it over. "It's daddy!, it's daddy!" He shouted as he shoved the penny in my face. He was absolutely ecstatic! I couldn't help but laugh at the thought. I even let him carry daddy's picture around in his pocket for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Toot, toot!!!

Just the other day I was driving the car with Noah and Asa in the back seat. Noah got really excited and shouted, "I farted!" Realizing that Noah will be starting preschool in just a few short weeks, I took this opportunity to teach my sweet 3 year old some manners. I turned to Noah and said "Can you please say toot next time?"

Even more excited, Noah smiled and shouted, "Toot, toooooot! I farted!" I'm worried he may be the class clown.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

America's Next Toddler Model

We had family pictures taken this past week. We had fantastic photographers that did wonderful with the boys. The boys were soooo smiley that day too! I turns out that Noah is a model in the making. (I cringed as I typed that last sentence.) I don't know if he has watched too much Top Model with his Moppy or what but he was a ham that day. He was striking pose after pose for the camera. See for yourself.

They did take pictures of the rest of us. We weren't quite as enthusiastic as Noah though. And just for the record we will be eliminating America's Next Top Model from his television time.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Toddler Bling

Noah has discovered what a wonderful place Chuck E. Cheese is for children. Jeremy and I have discovered what a nightmare it is for parents. Even still, we like to treat the boys and take them there on occasion. After a few visits we have accumulated enough tickets for Noah to pick out a prize.

The glass display case was right at eye level for Noah to pick the perfect prize. I cringed when I saw its contents though. The majority of the items were a choking hazard for Asa. What would Noah choose? Heaven forbid he wanted the creepy crawly fake bugs. Yuck. Surely he wouldn't pick the neon whistle, I hoped. I had my sights set on the Chinese finger trap. I was already envisioning Noah with a finger stuck in each end, crying for me to help him. That's when I realized Noah had already picked his prize. As the young lady retrieved it from the case and handed it over to Noah, he let out a squeal.

Much to my surprise Noah had a picked a $ sign ring. I'll never understand why. It absolutely was the highlight of the trip though. I even snapped a couple of pictures so I could tease him about it later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ice Cream, I scream!

Kids are a joy to have, sometimes. Yesterday we had one of those moments that reminded us of the happiness only a child can bring.

Jeremy had just walked out of the kitchen with a bowl. I caught a glimpse of him pulling a spoon out of his mouth and asked, "Are you eating ice cream?" He shook his head replied, "potato salad." At this time Noah realized Jeremy was eating and shouted, "ice cream!" He rushed to Jeremy and said, "I wanna bite. Ice Cream!"

Jeremy shrugged and held a spoonful of the potato salad out for Noah. Without even looking Noah engulfed the spoonful. I wish I had a video of his reaction because words don't do it justice. A look of pure horror came over Noah's face. His jaw dropped open. He was unable to swallow the potato salad. Jeremy and I laughed hysterically at his reaction for a moment. Then Jeremy asked Noah if he wanted some more ice cream. Noah was quick to respond with, "No! Yucky. No more."

I feel bad that we may have ruined ice cream for Noah but it was kind of worth it for that reaction.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our 2011 in Review

Here's what happened...

In January, we kicked off the new year in my mom's hospital room. She had her gall bladder removed.  We also sold our last house in Moberly, Mo. What a relief!

In Feburary, Jeremy and I went to a youth ministry conference in St. Louis together. It was great to get away from the boys for a weekend and fuel our passion for ministry.

 In March, we traveled to Texas for spring break. We had a great time with Jeremy's family and the boys got to go to the Zoo for the first time.

Jerm and Noah at Fortworth Zoo

In April, Jeremy got to preach at our Sunday morning church service. He did great! This helped reaffirm our calling to ministry.

In May, Asa turned one. I now have two ornery toddler boys. I saw my favorite band - Bowling for Soup - in concert for the 4th time! We also went to Texas to celebrate the college graduation of Jeremy's sister, Elaina.

Me and Ash w/ Chris from BFS
Jerm and Asa (1st b-day)
 In June, I kicked off my cake pop business. It went well but I soon found out that I want more in life than making cake pops 24/7. 
Fishing Bobber Basket

July was a big month. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We spent a  couple of nights at Chateau Avalon. I seriously can't believe it has been 5 years already!  We learned about fireworks safety, courtesy of my brother, Matt. We also celebrated the marriage of my cousin CJ and her new husband Steve.

Chateau Avalon
Matt broke every tip that was highlighted

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Justice
In August, I must have hit my head. I cannot remember anything from this month!

In September, Noah turned three. I was also able to see Blink-182 in concert with my long-time friend Amanda.
Amanda and I at Blink-182

In October, we lost a dear friend of the family. Davie was such a good friend to my brother. He will not be forgotten.

Matt's fishing buddy

In November, we were able to buy a new car. It gets way better gas mileage than that old truck!

In December, my brave grandfather survived his 12th heart attack. Toughest guy I know!

Grandpa and Asa
I'm sure I could have written a post about each of these events but it seems like I never have time to write anymore. I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!
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