Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7 months old, It's Asa

In April of 2009, I wrote about Noah at 7 months. I thought it'd be fun to write all about Asa at 7 months too!

Weight: About 17 lbs

Eyes: Brown like Jeremy's

Hair: Light, short and fuzzy

Sleep habits: About 10 hours at night and two short naps a day

Favorite food: Peas, Bottle...He eats so sloooow

Least fav. food: Sweet Potatoes

Words: Mama

Teeth: Two on bottom

Mobility: Crawling, rolling and pulling himself up to stand

Favorite Activities: Wrestling with Dad and Noah, chasing Noah around, looking for food on the kitchen floor

Silly Traits: Gives mama Eskimo kisses, very ticklish

Dislikes: Not being held 24/7

Looking back at my post about Noah, I see so many similarities and so many differences!

1 comment:

  1. He is a cute little baby. And he seems to be a very good one as well. You are a lucky Mom.


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