Monday, April 27, 2009

7 Months Already!

My boy is already 7 months old! I thought I'd write all about him at 7 months Add Imagein this post.

Weight: 17.3 Lbs

Eyes: Still blue like mine

Hair: Shaggy brown, I've already trimmed it once.

Sleep: About 10 hours a night

Favorite food: bottle or sweet potatos

Least favorite foods: beans or peas

Words: Mama and Dada

Teeth: two on bottom

Favorite people: He loves everyone!

Moving around: crawling, rolling, scooting

Favorite activities: getting into stuff, watching tv-already, putting stuff into mouth, going for walks in the stroller, baths, playing with my cell phone

Silly traits: giggles when you zip up his pj's- he just likes the sound, head butting and biting, scratching stuff to listen to the sound it makes

Dislikes: Being put in the car seat, having his nose wiped

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