Friday, September 24, 2010

Wal-Mart People

This is absolutely terrifying. Today I stumbeled across the website

This website is devoted to displaying pictures of the most outrageous Wal-Mart customers. I'm not referring to crazy mullets or missing teeth kinda stuff. I'm talking downright out-of-your-mind outrageous. There are over 2,000 pictures (with more added daily) of the kinda stuff you only see at Wal-Mart. I admit, as I skimmed through some of the pictures, I nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard!

WARNING: This website ( is not suitable for children. There are some pretty disturbing images.I wouldn't recommend visiting this site while eating either!

Now this is why I find it so terrifying. I fear that I may be on it! Seriously, let me explain. This past winter, when I was about 7 months pregnant, Noah and I went to Wal-Mart. Of course, when you're pregnant, you have to pee like every five minutes. So our first stop was the ladies room. I HATE public restrooms but I really had no choice. Noah was about 18 months old at the time. We hurried in and we hurried out. As we stepped out of the restroom something caught Noah's eye. He had a complete meltdown and refused to come with me. Meanwhile, I noticed sort of a draft. So here we are. Front and center of Wal-Mart. Noah is screaming, kicking, punching and rolling around on the floor. Here I am, BIG pregnant mama wrestling with him in an effort to pick him up off the floor and place him in a cart. We had everyone's attention at this point.

So let me tell you about this draft that I felt. I was wearing a tunic (looked more like moo moo) over a pair of tights. In my hurry to do my business and exit the restroom as quickly as possible, I managed to tuck the back of my tunic into my tights. Yep, everyone got a nice good look at my butt. It must have been exposed for a good sixty seconds before I was even aware of what was going on.

It's 2010 and just about everyone I know has a cell phone equipped with a built-in camera. I worry that someone was quick enough to snap a picture of the incident. Well, I looked through about 50 of the 2,000+ pictures and the good news is that so far I wasn't one of them.

P.S. This didn't stop me from from finishing my grocery shopping! Am I a trooper or what?!?

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  1. LOL Oh lord, I have never had a draft like that. I am glad my little guy acts pretty good. holds on to the cart and only touches EVERYTHING we walk past with out picking it up. He dose like to poke the meats a little to hard. LOL


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