Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vampires + Werewolves = Chick flick

Jeremy and have realized how important it is for us to date, especially now that we have two little boys. I really regret that we didn't date more often before we had kids (and when we actually had money!) Our goal is to go on two dates a month. Last night we went out. Madeline came over and watched the boys for us. I know the boys enjoyed spending time with her and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it too!

First Jeremy and I grabbed a bite to eat at taco bell. It was just nice to be able to focus on each other and not worry about bottles or diapers. After we ate, we went to see Eclipse. Jeremy really likes the Twilight Saga. He has read all the books. Sometimes I tease him about it because the books are kinda girly. When we bought our tickets, the usher joked, "how dare you drag him to see Eclipse." I laughed because HE"S the one that drug ME to see it! Anyways the movie was really good and we had a great time! We were back by 8:30pm. I feel bad asking family to babysit when we can't afford to pay. Hopefully someday we will be able to. It looks like our next date will be later this month for our 4 year anniversary. Where has the time gone?

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