Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day

It was another great Fourth of July. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. I just love hot summer days, BBQ, homemade ice cream, water gun fights and fireworks! Like almost every other fourth, we went up to my parents. The rest of mom's family joined us (except Grandma Probst, not her favorite holiday!) Matt and all the other guys(pyromaniacs!) are into the LOUD firecrackers. They seem to get louder every year! I'm more into the pretty stuff. I also like sparklers but not sparkler bombs. Noah really liked the fireworks too. He kept saying pow pow pow! The only thing that scared him was the smoke bombs. Everytime we lit one, he would run to the nearest person to be picked up. Matt said "anything with that much smoke that didn't explode would of scared me too." Oh and one more thing that Noah was afraid of... Bud. Bud is Mike and Colette's pug puppy. He was so tiny and playful but Noah didn't want anything to do with him!

I tried making some homemade ice cream but it didn't turn out. I guess it got salt in it. I think my container must have a crack or something because the same thing happened the last time we made some. Jeremy and I spent a lot of the night taking turns staying inside with Asa. We didn't really want him around the loud stuff. It was also a really rainy day. Just when it got dark enough for the night time fireworks, it started pouring. We made it home before 11 o'clock! That is probably the earliest we have ever ended our fourth of July celebration. We still have leftover fireworks so we may go back to mom and dad's to shoot the rest later this week.

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