Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Toddler Bling

Noah has discovered what a wonderful place Chuck E. Cheese is for children. Jeremy and I have discovered what a nightmare it is for parents. Even still, we like to treat the boys and take them there on occasion. After a few visits we have accumulated enough tickets for Noah to pick out a prize.

The glass display case was right at eye level for Noah to pick the perfect prize. I cringed when I saw its contents though. The majority of the items were a choking hazard for Asa. What would Noah choose? Heaven forbid he wanted the creepy crawly fake bugs. Yuck. Surely he wouldn't pick the neon whistle, I hoped. I had my sights set on the Chinese finger trap. I was already envisioning Noah with a finger stuck in each end, crying for me to help him. That's when I realized Noah had already picked his prize. As the young lady retrieved it from the case and handed it over to Noah, he let out a squeal.

Much to my surprise Noah had a picked a $ sign ring. I'll never understand why. It absolutely was the highlight of the trip though. I even snapped a couple of pictures so I could tease him about it later.

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