Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our 2011 in Review

Here's what happened...

In January, we kicked off the new year in my mom's hospital room. She had her gall bladder removed.  We also sold our last house in Moberly, Mo. What a relief!

In Feburary, Jeremy and I went to a youth ministry conference in St. Louis together. It was great to get away from the boys for a weekend and fuel our passion for ministry.

 In March, we traveled to Texas for spring break. We had a great time with Jeremy's family and the boys got to go to the Zoo for the first time.

Jerm and Noah at Fortworth Zoo

In April, Jeremy got to preach at our Sunday morning church service. He did great! This helped reaffirm our calling to ministry.

In May, Asa turned one. I now have two ornery toddler boys. I saw my favorite band - Bowling for Soup - in concert for the 4th time! We also went to Texas to celebrate the college graduation of Jeremy's sister, Elaina.

Me and Ash w/ Chris from BFS
Jerm and Asa (1st b-day)
 In June, I kicked off my cake pop business. It went well but I soon found out that I want more in life than making cake pops 24/7. 
Fishing Bobber Basket

July was a big month. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We spent a  couple of nights at Chateau Avalon. I seriously can't believe it has been 5 years already!  We learned about fireworks safety, courtesy of my brother, Matt. We also celebrated the marriage of my cousin CJ and her new husband Steve.

Chateau Avalon
Matt broke every tip that was highlighted

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Justice
In August, I must have hit my head. I cannot remember anything from this month!

In September, Noah turned three. I was also able to see Blink-182 in concert with my long-time friend Amanda.
Amanda and I at Blink-182

In October, we lost a dear friend of the family. Davie was such a good friend to my brother. He will not be forgotten.

Matt's fishing buddy

In November, we were able to buy a new car. It gets way better gas mileage than that old truck!

In December, my brave grandfather survived his 12th heart attack. Toughest guy I know!

Grandpa and Asa
I'm sure I could have written a post about each of these events but it seems like I never have time to write anymore. I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

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