Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sticky Situation

For breakfast today Jeremy made us pancakes from scratch. They were pretty good too! We sat down at the table to chow down and Noah was very disappointed to see that his pancake did not come with syrup.

That's right, this mean mom didn't give him any syrup because I hate cleaning up the sticky stuff! So Noah began to pout and marched over to the fridge. I didn't care because I knew that wasn't where the syrup was. Noah dug around for a moment and finally emerged from the fridge. When he returned to the table he was carrying a bottle of mustard!

For heaven's sake child, if you need something on your pancake that bad I will just give you some syrup. When it came down to it, I'd  rather clean up the syrup than watch him eat mustard on his pancakes.


  1. That is too funny! You might try chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter. Those are super yummy!

  2. Funny post! Aw, the fact that he pulled out mustard is so cute!

  3. What a cute story! I am in total agreement with you about not enjoying the stickiness that seems to be part and parcel with motherhood, particularly in the early years. I took three young kids to the carnival on Saturday and made the mistake of buying them cotton candy almost immediately. Naturally they all were sticky within minutes and equally naturally one of them tripped and fell in some dirt, which then stuck to her. She was like a sticky candy apple rolled in dirt instead of nuts. I just take deep breaths at times like this and smile. Luckily, it turned out my friend had a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the bottom of her purse and we were able to get them somewhat unstuck.

    Motherhood is such fun!

    Cheers :-)


  4. LOL Sounds like something my hubby would like

  5. Love your blog!! Found it through Bloggy Moms~ Was he really going to have mustard on his pancakes? I think that I would have had to let him, just to see his reaction when he tried it!! lol.... Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hilarious! I have found that sugar free syrup is a little less sticky than regular syrup. Although, I really like the other person's idea for peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes.

  7. The little kid is just adorable. I couldn't imagine though how pancakes with mustard would taste like. I love my pancakes with chocolate syrup or honey.

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  8. As long as it comes in a squeezable bottle, it'll do! By the way http://bit.ly/StylishBloggerAward <~~~you deserve it!

  9. Am following you now. I'm Kate from http://www.marlowesloft.com and http://www.marlowesloft.net

    Also, I'm a mean momma who Never allows her kiddos sweets! My almost 6 year old thinks it's totally normal to eat pancakes with no syrup, so this made me Laugh!

  10. awww what a cute story!

    The pancakes look yummy! Guess what I am craving now? haha

    Following you from Bloggy Moms :)


  11. wow! hilarious! my daughter hates ketchup, but loves mustard...if i took syrup away, we wouldn't eat breakfast...i eat it on, pancakes, eggs...scrapple....following from bloggy moms...follow me? http://modernmommyreviews.blogspot.com/

  12. I put syrup in my batter so that we get the syrup taste without any of the syrup mess! My son would have done something exactly like that...he's four!



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