Saturday, April 2, 2011

Texting Pro

Maybe it's just me but I can really screw up a text message. Especially because of T9. I don't really look at what I text, I just hit send. Only after I get a response like huh or rofl (Mom, that means- rolling on the floor laughing) I realize I goofed up. Here are of few of the texts I accidentally wrote and what I meant to write instead.

I'm so gassy today!... I'm so happy today!

Yea, the beer are good ;)... Yea, the beds are good ;) (I was pregnant when I did this!)

Joke you...Love you

Wanna go sins?....Wanna go shop?

I'm too fart....I'm too fast.

If my phone really is a "smart phone," why can't it figure out what I want to say?

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