Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tis the Season...

Here at the Jobson house we are munching on Thanksgiving leftovers and pulling out the Christmas decor. We will be putting up our tree this evening. Asa started crawling about a week ago so this could be interesting.

Noah is in the Christmas Spirit as well! While I had my hands full with Asa, Noah decided to do a little "decorating" of his own. He got in to my Christmas sprinkles and emptied the entire jar in my kitchen!

What a mess! I swept, vacuumed, swept some more, and mopped. I'm still finding red and green sprinkles.


  1. LOL We got our tree up and I have a little more to get done. You should have have him make a sprinkle and Glue Picture!

  2. lol. i love that you take pics!!! It's always exciting to read your posts.


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