Monday, November 29, 2010

Stuck in the Middle

I have mentioned on my About Me page that I am an unfortunate middle child. Luckily I am in the middle of two crazy awesome brothers, Matt and David. My older brother David is 26. He has an epilepsy disorder and is mentally challenged. He is by far one of the most amazing people anyone could ever meet. Poor Matt, the youngest of us at age 21, has to follow in the foot steps of David and I. Just kidding. Matt is an awesome wrestler and a natural born leader. I pray that he chooses to use his leadership skills in a way that glorifies God.

Since I no longer live with Mom, Dad, Matt and David, I miss out on a lot of crazy fun (although my boys and husband make up for most of that crazy fun). I could write a book of David Stories. David is such an inspiration. He see the world from a unique perspective. Even when his health is at its worst, he keeps his spirits up. If you were to ask, "How are you, David," the answer would always be "good." If only I could remain half as positive during times of trial.

What I mean by David Stories is that David is constantly doing something to make you smile whether he means to or not. Every time I see David, he tattles on his baby brother saying, "Matt got out of the yard again!" Also, David insists that at the age of 24, I still want a Barbie jeep for Christmas. It would takes years to write about all the funny moments David has created. He still adds to the list daily. I'd love to share his stories with the world so hopefully I can begin to through this blog.


  1. Aww! That's wonderful. Your brother is lucky to have such a great family! But it sounds like you're lucky to just have him :)

  2. We would LOVE to read "David's Stories." That boy just amazes us too! Everytime I hear "Knucklehead" I automatically think of David and Ralph. I know that Ralph really thinks a lot of David too. Your family has been a part of our lives for many years (14 to be exact) and we are thankful for the friendship and memories there.

  3. What an awesome sister you are. There is something so very special about the love that comes from families like ours. I heard last week that having a special family member soesn't take a special family it makes a Special Family. Big hugs!


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