Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snack ideas!

I am so blessed that Noah is not a picky eater. While he does have preferences, the kid will eat almost anything.

His favorite snack is chocolate animal crackers. Pretty typical for a two year old.

Of course, we all know that everything is better with dip. Eating carrots? How about some ranch, please!

Noah thinks outside the box.

Last week, he was innocently enjoying his animal crackers after dinner. With nothing else available to dip his crackers in, he turned to the last thing left on his dinner plate. Refried beans. Did I stop him? No way! He must have liked it because he finished both the crackers and the refried beans.

Earlier this summer Noah ventured to try ketchup on cantaloupe. It grossed me out but as long as he is eating his fruits and veggies, I'm not gonna complain!


  1. great perspective! I say- pick your battles.


  2. My son used to like dipping all his veggies. I would usually serve him raw veggies with his meals. One day I mistakenly steamed his broccoli and he proceeded to dip it in ranch dressing.


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