Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honey, I Shrank the Kids...Shoe

What a hot summer it's been! I'm so glad it's finally starting to cool down and show signs of fall. I LOVE fall. Maybe it's because my birthday is in the fall or maybe it's because the holidays are just around the corner.

Last week the temperatures still reached into the 100's a couple of different days. On one of those days I was taking the boys out and running some errands. Asa lost a shoe on the way to the car so I picked it up for him and carried it till we got to the car. I ended up throwing it into the back window so I'd see it later and wouldn't forget it. The other shoe eventually went into our diaper bag.

I left the shoe in our window for hours that day while we went about and did our business. At the end of the day I saw the shoe and threw it into the diaper bag and carried it into the house. Yesterday Jeremy asked me if I knew what happened to Asa's shoes. 

Apparently the shoe in the window had melted and shrank... a lot.  I guess it's a good thing I didn't leave the kids in the car while I ran my errands!


  1. So that IS what happened! lol. When I found those 2 shoes out of the bag in the nursery, I was quite perplexed cause none of the kids wore that size, but yet they had the same size listed on the bottom! Who knew!

  2. That's pretty ridiculous indeed, can't believe they melted/shrunk!

  3. Wonder if it would work on pregnancy clothes too?! Thanx for your comment, following you.



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