Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chubby Cheeks

I never get tired of hearing the silly things little kids say or the flat out embarrassing things other peoples kids say! My cousin's daughter is always saying the funniest things. I was watching her yesterday and no surprise she had me laughing so hard I had to share!

We were sitting down eating and I said, "This is a pretty good lunch, huh?" Unfortunately, Kaylee reminded me that smoke detector had gone off. Trying to be clever, I told her that wasn't the smoke detector, that was the "lunch bell." She didn't buy it. Jeremy said, "Kaylee, you need to tell her that her nose is growing." Kaylee shook her head and said, "Her nose isn't growing. Her cheeks are chubby!" Apparently she didn't get the Pinocchio reference.

Of course I wasn't laughing at first. I was in a little state of shock and confused. She just told me I have chubby cheeks. But she is just so innocent, I couldn't hold it against her. I guess we'll have to watch Pinocchio sometime soon.


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  2. So cute. Hugs! Happy I found your blog at VB.

  3. We can't help but just love our babies! Found your blog on the FNF Weekend blog hop! Hope to connect soon!

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  8. How adorable! Kids just tell it like it is, that's for sure :). And you definitely need to introduce her to Pinocchio - every child should watch it (I think I have a couple of kids who need to watch it, too!).

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  9. I love hearing all of those cute kid stories, as well. Yours was a good one! And you're right, you can't hold it against them, but they sure knock you speechless sometimes.

    Your blog is beautiful. I love the design. Visiting from vB.

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