Monday, April 18, 2011

Chores List

I wanted share my chore "to do" list with everyone. Having three boys in the home plus two extra boys that I've been babysitting lately, this place can get messy fast! The previous paper pad I had on my fridge was no longer getting the job done. Chores began to feel overwhelming and no matter how much work I had done in a day, I never felt a sense of accomplishment.

 My first step was to organize my chores into daily, weekly and monthly lists. Of course the never ending chores, dishes and laundry made it onto my daily list. I also added no brainers like make lunch and boys naps. I don't know about you but when I cross something off my to do list, it makes me feel pretty good.

I was reading another blog that recommended laminating your to do list and using a dry erase marker on it. What a great idea! No need to use a different piece of paper everyday. I actually don't have the supplies to laminate my list though so I put it in a picture frame. The dry erase marker works great on the glass.

I was almost done but to be honest, I wasn't thrilled about framing and hanging a piece of black and white paper on the wall so I got a little creative. I pulled out my scrapbooking stash and did what I could to make it a little more presentable.

There ya go. That's my to do list. Notice I haven't crossed anything off today! Now if someone has some ideas for actually getting these chores done, please share lol.


  1. I am actually working on a new one today! What luck to happen upon this post by just asking for mom bloggers.


  2. Wonderful idea!! I´m going to make one myself, write about it and give you credit jejeje and of course send you a pic! Like you say this way you don´t have to use a new piece of paper everytime!!
    Thanks for welcoming me on Bloggy Moms and see you around
    Have a great day
    PS: Love the pic with the blowdrier


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