Monday, October 25, 2010

Guys, I just gagged!

So, I'm in the kitchen fixing dinner when Noah comes up and says "here momma."

I didn't think much of it and without looking, held my hand out to accept his offering.

I let out a horrified shriek, as I looked down at the gift he had placed in my hand!

Much to my relief it was only play-doh. Whew. Seriously, brown play-doh? What were the makers thinking? I'm considering writing them another letter

Anyways, I've got some good prank ideas for Jeremy. I can't wait for him to come home. (evil laughter)


  1. HAHAH At least you did not see him walking around licking on it. That would have been a heart attack!

  2. lol this literally had me laughing. I am not looking forward to playdoh surprises.

  3. C'mon...haven't you learned you don't take ANYTHING from your children without looking??? You may as well close your eyes and open your

  4. Yuck, but hey, I guess it's nice to have it in every color? I'm sure it would come in handy.. maybe if you're making chocolate cake with playdoh?


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