Monday, September 13, 2010

Mmmmmmmmm Cookies!

Last night was the start of our new youth program at Nashua Baptist Church, Revive. I know I really enjoyed it. I hope the students did too! Youth ministry is the passion that brought Jeremy and I together. I can't express how wonderful it feels to do what God has called you to do: SERVE HIM.

The night started out with a bunch of teenagers and all the ingredients they needed (and more) to make cookies. I'm sure it sounded completely lame at first. What teenager wants to bake cookies? It turned out really fun though. No recipe was given. The students had to make the cookies without any directions or help. There were two groups competing to see whose cookies turned out the best.

It was interesting to watch. At the same time it was scary. We were still debating which adult would "judge" the cookies. Thankfully, it was not me! I'm pretty sure one group used enough salt to melt an ice covered parking lot. While the cookies turned out edible (I use that word loosely) they were definitely not good.

Without a recipe or directions, it's hard to make cookies. It's the same way with life. The Bible gives us a "recipe" or directions on how to live. Without the Bible we are completely lost. Sometimes we don't even know it! One group of students created some pretty good looking cookies. At first it looked like cookie dough and it even tasted like cookie dough. But when we put them in the oven they morphed into.... well, they definitely weren't cookies and they sure didn't taste like it either. Sometimes we live a good life. We are happy, successful and even though we may have a few bad ingredients in us, overall we look like good cookies. It just not enough though to look like a good cookie. God created us for more. Without the Bible we'll never be who God created us to be!

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