Monday, April 6, 2009

Mommy Confessions

I was watching Oprah today (very unusual-I hardly ever watch Oprah.) There was a segment about confessions of a mom. It was hilarious. The things that these moms were saying were crazy. One mom admitted to peeing into a diaper while in the car so she didn't wake her kids up during a road trip. Another mom admitted that she hadn't given her kids a bath in three weeks! So it got me thinking... I am gonna write my own "mommy confession".

I had to take Noah to the hospital to have some blood drawn. He was just over a week old. Everything seemed so crazy that day. I felt so out of control. I could barely drag him in his carrier into the hospital. I was dropping stuff left and right. And finally, I had to change Noah's diaper. I took him into the ladies room and into the changing station. Everything went fine- at least I thought so at this point. As I was washing my hands I noticed I had something all over the front of my shirt. It was poop! I did my best to wipe it off but of course it was still noticeable. Before I got out of the doctor's office three people had asked me what was on my shirt. So thinking quickly I told them it was mustard! (Which it did kinda look like.) Next I stopped by Jeremy's work. Same thing. I said it was mustard from a burger. After that incident I decided to not only pack extra clothes for Noah but for myself as well!

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